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Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour

  • Alanya
  • 7 Hours
  • Max People : 100
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€ 30 per person
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€ 15 per person
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Manavgat is a popular tourist destination on the southern coast of Turkey. There are many reasons why tourists visit Manavgat, but one of the main attractions is the beautiful beaches of Manavgat. Tourists visiting Manavgat can also explore other tourist spots in the region, one of which is the Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour. The Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour combines a scenic boat trip with a shopping experience. The tour usually starts from hotels in the Side and Manavgat region and takes visitors to the Manavgat River. Here, tourists can visit the Manavgat Waterfall, which is one of the main natural beauties of the region and a must-visit location for tourists.

During the Manavgat boat tour, tourists get to discover the rich history and culture of the region through historical and cultural information provided by tour guides during the trip. During the tour, tourists can enjoy the sun and participate in some swimming stops, while taking in the magnificent views. Another important feature of the tour is the Manavgat Bazaar. The bazaar is one of the most popular markets in the region and a place that many tourists want to visit. The bazaar offers local handicrafts, food products, textiles, and many other items. Tourists can shop here and taste local specialties, as well as purchase regional products.

The Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour allows tourists to get a closer look at Turkish culture and interact with the locals. This tour is suitable for all ages and provides both a boat trip and a shopping experience. In summary, the Manavgat Boat and Bazaar Tour is one of the most enjoyable activities that vacationers can undertake in the Manavgat region. It allows you to explore the beautiful landscape of the region while experiencing the local culture. If you are planning your vacation in the Manavgat region, be sure to add this tour to your list.


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Guest Guest
07/06/2024 17:45
fantastic info
I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 19:06
Susan Smith
5 /5 Ein anderer und schöner Tag
Ich hatte oft über den Manavgat-Wasserfall gehört und mich darüber gewundert. Dann habe ich mich dieser Tour angeschlossen. Ich bin froh, dass ich mitgemacht habe.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 19:02
5 /5 schöner Tag
Manavgat Wasserfall und Markt war sehr schön. Ich habe hier viele Fotos gemacht.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:55
Bertnard Chatillon
5 /5 beautés naturelles uniques
Nous avons rencontré de très beaux paysages à Manavgat, où nous sommes venus avec une excursion en bateau. Boire du thé à côté de la cascade de Manavgat m'a procuré beaucoup de paix.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:51
Lisa Adin
5 /5 So peaceful
The bazaar tour in Manavgat was really nice. I bought some very nice gifts for my loved ones here.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:47
Eve Gold
5 /5 amazing views
It was a tour we had fun while walking around. Manavgat river was one of the places worth seeing. It was a peaceful nature tour for me.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:31
Chadwick Kidman
5 /5 beautiful places
The river waterfall had a perfect and unique appearance. Glad I joined this tour.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:31
Nicole Cruz
5 /5 scenery was beautiful
Thank you very much for the support and everything that the whole team does. They provided us with a perfect day.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:30
Penelope Ledger
5 /5 such a beautiful day
If you are curious about this tour, you should definitely join it. It will be a beautiful day.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:30
Heath O'toole
5 /5 gifts for your loved
You can buy gifts for your loved ones from the bazaar and immortalize your holiday.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:29
Samuel Dunaway
5 /5 ein toller Tag
Das ist eine tolle Tour, die ich diesen Sommer wieder mitmachen werde. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:29
Faye Jackson
5 /5 hospitality
Our Manavgat holiday was perfect in this way. Thank you to the tour team for their hospitality.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:29
Dustin Mifune
5 /5 Such a heaven
There were magnificent views in this magnificent tour. We had a lot of fun on the boat.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:28
Toshiro Hoffman
5 /5 tour was great
I took great photos for my Instagram. I'm sure people will love to join this tour. Hold your place.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 16:27
Deboorah Bullock
5 /5 perfekten Tag
Nach einem perfekten Tag war die kühle Luft des Wasserfalls unglaublich.
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