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Alanya Turkish Bath & Hamam

  • Alanya
  • 2 Hours
  • Max People : 20
  • Pickup: From Hotel or Location
+12 Adults
€ 20 per person
11-7 Child
€ 15 per person
06-0 Infant
€ 0 per person
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Traditional Turkish baths, also known as Hammams, have been a part of Turkish culture for centuries. They were once the center of social activity, where people would come together to relax and socialize. Today, the Turkish bath is still an important part of Turkish culture, offering a unique experience for tourists and locals alike. The Turkish bath is a unique experience that combines relaxation, purification, and rejuvenation. It involves a series of steps that begin with the hot room, where visitors can relax in a steam-filled room to help open their pores and release toxins. This is followed by a scrubbing process, where visitors are scrubbed with a special soap and a coarse mitt to exfoliate their skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

After the scrub, visitors can enjoy a relaxing massage, which helps to release any tension in their muscles and promote relaxation. This is followed by a period of rest and relaxation, where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or water and simply relax in the calm, peaceful atmosphere of the Turkish bath. In addition to the physical benefits, the Turkish bath also offers mental and emotional benefits. It provides a space for people to unwind and disconnect from the stresses of daily life, offering a sense of peace and calm that can be hard to find elsewhere.

The traditional Turkish bath experience is available in many cities throughout Turkey, including Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. Each bath has its unique character and atmosphere, but all provide the same relaxing, rejuvenating experience. If you're planning a trip to Turkey, a visit to a traditional Turkish bath should definitely be on your list. It's a unique experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected to Turkish culture. Whether you're looking for a solo experience or a fun activity to do with friends or family, the Turkish bath is a must-try experience that will not disappoint.


Price Includes

  • Sauna
  • Towel
  • Oil Massage
  • Turkish Bath
  • Pick-up and Drop Off From Alanya

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  • Your Personal Expenditures
  • Additional Food and Beverages
  • Professional Photo and Video Shoots

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Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:54
5 /5 Amazing experience
The massages and sauna was awesome. I felt very relaxing. I would like to join again.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:53
5 /5 So relaxing bath
Turkish hamam is very comfortable and relaxing application. The trip that I have been is perfectly good organized.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:49
5 /5 aplicación muy limpia
Es una actividad que proporciona tanto relajación como limpieza. También es una aplicación divertida.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:47
5 /5 супер активность
Приложение, которое действительно стоит своих денег. также то, как он организован в туре, великолепен
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 18:43
5 /5 un'attività rilassante
Grazie a questa applicazione posso dire di essermi liberato di tutta la mia stanchezza. è stato molto divertente.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:48
Rita Huppert
5 /5 entspannter
Es war ein absolut entspannter Tag.Ich habe keinen Zweifel, dass ich wiederkommen werde.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:47
Isabelle Hayworth
5 /5 rested very well
The oil massage was very nice. It's been a great day, thank you very much.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:46
Montgomery Andrews
5 /5 relaxed
Ich erfrischte meine Haut mit Dampfbädern. Es funktioniert wirklich.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:46
Julie Clift
5 /5 Ein wundervoller Tag
Die Sauna ist schön, aber das traditionelle türkische Bad war besser. Ich würde es jedem empfehlen.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:45
Setsuko Havilland
5 /5 vacation
Even though we are on vacation, I feel a lot of daily fatigue. This tour took all my tiredness.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:45
Charles Hara
5 /5 felt so relaxed
My skin and body felt so relaxed. It is unlike any spa centers in my country.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:44
Olivia Chaplin
5 /5 nice feeling
Here you feel like someone in the Ottoman period. It's a really nice feeling.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:44
Greta Bassett
5 /5 perfectly relieved
I've been to many hamams, but I've never really seen one like this. I was perfectly relieved.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:43
Jhonny Garbo
5 /5 sehr beeindruckend
Massagesalons waren sehr beeindruckend. Ich bin all meine Schmerzen und Beschwerden losgeworden. :)
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 15:43
Angela Deep
5 /5 Es war nett
Ich wurde meinen Stress und meine Müdigkeit sehr leicht los. Es war nett.
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