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Alanya Swim With Dolphins

  • Alanya
  • 3 Hours
  • Max People : 100
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+12 Adults
€ 120 per person
€ 120 per person
06-0 Infant
€ 120 per person
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Have you ever experienced swimming with dolphins? If your answer is no, we invite you to Alanya swimming with dolphins tour. You can swim with the dolphins twice a day. This tour takes place at Sealanya Dolphin Park. This park is located in the Türkler town of Alanya. Get this fantastic experience for yourself. You don't need to go to far seas to see, touch, and swim with dolphins, which are cute sea animals. At Sealanya Dolphin Park, you will be able to do all of these. Swimming time is approximately 30 minutes. Since it will take a short time, there is no break for eating and drinking. You can swim with dolphins under the supervision of expert instructors. Swimming with a life jacket. There are two groups, the morning group and the afternoon group. Expert instructors will give you some information and warnings for this swimming activity. 

Enjoy swimming with dolphins, which children will especially love. You will witness the kindness and intelligence of dolphins while swimming. This will amuse you a lot. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most popular tours in Alanya. All you have to do is make a reservation a few days in advance. 

The Dolphin Encounter:

When you choose to swim with dolphins in Alanya, you embark on an extraordinary journey of connection and wonder. The experience takes place in a specially designed dolphin park that provides a safe and controlled environment for both humans and dolphins. These parks prioritize the well-being and conservation of dolphins while allowing visitors to interact with them in a respectful and educational manner.

Before the swim, you will receive a brief orientation on dolphin behavior, safety guidelines, and proper interaction techniques. Trained and experienced instructors will guide you throughout the process, ensuring both your safety and the dolphins' welfare.

The Magical Connection:

Once in the water, you will have the opportunity to experience the incredible intelligence and playful nature of dolphins firsthand. Interacting with these highly social and friendly animals is a truly magical experience. You may get the chance to touch, swim alongside, and even receive a kiss or a gentle push from these gentle creatures. The dolphins' grace and agility as they glide through the water will leave you in awe.

Educational Aspect:

Swimming with dolphins is not only an exhilarating adventure but also an educational one. During the encounter, knowledgeable trainers will provide you with fascinating insights into the behavior, anatomy, and conservation efforts related to dolphins. You will learn about their communication skills, hunting techniques, and the importance of protecting their natural habitats.

Preserving the Well-being of Dolphins:

It is crucial to choose a responsible and reputable dolphin park in Alanya that prioritizes the well-being and conservation of dolphins. These parks adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the physical and mental health of the animals. By supporting such establishments, you contribute to ongoing efforts to protect marine life and promote sustainable tourism.



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Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:35
Natal Herz
5 /5 Ein wundervoller Tag
Swimming with dolphins was a dream of mine. So it was a perfect day. Thank you.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:34
Peter Cowan
5 /5 Erfahrung
Wir schwammen mit Delphinen und es war die beste Erfahrung meines Lebens.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:34
Kathleen Wagner
5 /5 really nice experience
I touched and saw a fish and we swam together. I still can't believe it was a really nice experience.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:33
Rambert Reg
5 /5 come again
An excellent experience. My kids really had fun. They tell everyone and they want to come again.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:33
Adam Bäe
5 /5 nice experience
We swam with dolphins thanks to our expert instructors. It was a very nice experience for me.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:33
Freddy Fischer
5 /5 really cute
These creatures are really cute. I was impressed that they were so beautiful and intelligent.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:32
Scott Hurt
5 /5 calmed me down
It was a wonderful day. I have had a good experience. Although I was a little scared, my instructor calmed me down and I achieved my dream.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:32
Jolanka Mona
5 /5 should definitely join
How smart are these dolphins. You should definitely join this tour and witness it for yourself!!
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:31
Vera Jones
5 /5 sehenswert
Einen Fisch zu berühren ist ein wirklich interessantes Gefühl. Aber es ist sehenswert.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 14:31
Hollman Seidel
5 /5 Delfinen schwimmen
Wenn Sie mit Delfinen schwimmen möchten, ist diese Tour eine ausgezeichnete Wahl. Sie werden es nie bereuen.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 13:59
5 /5 Great time with dolphins
I had an amazing time with dolphins. I enjoyed while I was swimming with them.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 13:57
Bao- zhi
5 /5 Swimming with cute animals
The dolphins were so cute animals. Swimming with them was enjoyable. It can't wait to do this activity again.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 13:54
5 /5 un recorrido turístico increíble
Fue un día divertido. Fue muy agradable ser recibido por una gira maravillosamente organizada.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 13:49
5 /5 самые милые существа в мире
Дельфины с улыбающимся лицом меня очень рассмешили. У меня было много веселых часов во время тура.
Guest Guest
08/08/2022 13:46
5 /5 ein Tag mit liebenswerten Geschöpfen
Es war sehr angenehm, mit den Delfinen zu schwimmen, die sehr süße Kreaturen sind. Es war eine Tour, an der ich gerne wieder teilnehmen würde.
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